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Our bodyguard protection services offer you the best protection, anytime, anywhere. There are indeed a variety of factors that raise security concerns, especially in the world today. These worries are also present in the private and business sectors.

This is why it’s important that bodyguards are available 24/7 to protect during weekends, nights, and holidays included. There are a lot of responsibilities in stake, and we can provide multiple personal protection in rotating shifts to be sure that our clients are always safe.

bodyguard protection security

Important personalities or business leaders are sometimes vulnerable when visiting a city or a country. They can have, in addition, highly sensitive material with them. This is another reason why bodyguards are useful for people who can be a target for a potential attack or any danger like an aggression.

Our bodyguard service includes :

• Corporate, business leader, celebrity, private clients protection
• Professional and discreet protection
• Security logistics planning
• Short term / long term assistance
• Ongoing long-term assignment
• International visits
• Highly trained bodyguards
• Special events security
• Client relationship skills
• Close protection
• Armed or unarmed bodyguards
• Protection drivers
• Personalized work

Our trained escorts will keep you, and the people you care the most, totally safe. Be assured that all your security needs will be handled in a discreet and professionally way, Thanks to a comprehensive bodyguard service, which also includes options for more flexibility !

Bodyguard services

For professional or private trips, the bodyguard services provide you also bodyguard drivers trained in fast driving and anti-aggression skills, to evacuate the client from any perilous situation. Ours close protection agents are able to guarantee, night and day, your safety during your travels in Brussels, Paris, London, Berlin, or anywhere in Europe. They can also arrange airport / home transfers, or hotel / event venues transfers.

VIP Protection Europe’s mission is to organize, manage and secure your travel with rigor and discretion, by studying itineraries and developing alternative plans. A suitable vehicle can also be provided (limousine, sedan, SUV,…). The escort agent will also ensure that the client enters and leaves the vehicle safely (exits and security verification).
During a mission, bodyguard services includes also:
• To be effective, rigorous and strategically organized
• Ensure the longevity of your stay and travel
• Follow up and regular upgrades strategy
• Combat, weapon handling, intervention anywhere
• Adaptation to all situations by analysing the risks
• Anticipation, planning, organization and making the necessary recommendations while remaining natural, very calm and efficient
• Manage the crowd, without disturbing the VIP
• Provide first aid and emergency gestures
• Alert and communicate with the hierarchy and the client
• Evacuate a person
• Secure a mobile move
• Rescue people
We can also, in option, work with concierge. A personal protection agent will then take care of finding something to eat at 4 AM if this is requested by the client, change airplane bookings, make a reservation for a restaurant, plan a museum visit, take care of leisure activities, and ensure customer safety at the airports and on the airplanes.

Efficient and perfect protection is our main goal. Improvisation has no place in some situations; we work with a strong sense of rigor, discretion, observation, anticipation, reaction. These are also the main qualities of a close professional protection agent. The risks are important and well present: criminality, kidnapping, assaults, attacks … Don’t worry: VIP Protection Europe is here for your safety.
Our agents know the risks and evaluate them, they check vehicles, study itineraries, know the legislation, they secure all spaces and rooms. They know all weapons and self defence techniques.
We assure you serenity during your private or professional travel. Because VIP Protection Europe services are here for your safety and everyday protection. Because protection is a profession.

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